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Transcriptions from P. Phinneus’ notebooks are just that.  They are neither complete nor instructions, but are what he feels he needs to write down to remember or learn.  They are posted here for inspiration and so others can have a base schema of knowledge to from which begin their own research.  These are not complete instructions!!  Do more research of your own before attempting!!  Copies of the original notes can be found on deviantart.  ( )

Non-Ferrous Metal parts production (page 1)

Non-Ferrous metal when heated* and quenched quickly becomes soft.  Slow cooling has a hardening effect.  (It will work harden.)

Copper rivets can be made from (copper) wire, which has been soften by tempering.  Slowly (with light strokes of a small ball peen hammer) peen one end in a vise or pliers.  Trim slightly long, about the same (as the) width of the wire after inserting in a well-sized hole.  Slowly peen the other side (he means the freshly cut end).  Bending can occur if worked to quickly or too large of a ball peen hammer.

Plumber solder is higher in acid but silver (jewlers) does not bridge gaps.

*Heated refers to glowing hot.
*as opposed to ferrous metals.

(page 2)

ETCHING (with acid)

Etching solution can be hard and expensive to find.  Luckily it is simple to make if one is careful.  2 parts Muriatic acid can be added to 1 part Hydrogen Peroxide (common drugstore 3% is fine)
WARNING-     Mixing is a hazardous process (if done wrong)!!!
WARNING-     add acid to peroxide, not the reverse.
(WARNING-    have baking soda handy for mishaps)
Ventilation is important.
Eye protection and gloves, rubber (or) vinyl.

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