Steampunk Family
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This was Annabelle’s pronouncement Christmas morning, after the floor was cleared of wrapping and the air cleared of squeals of girlish delight.  We had a steampunk holiday – both the lab and sewing room were busy over the last few months.   To facilitate secrecy, Annabelle made a door hanger shaped like an elf hat.


From the sewing room, the girls received new cloaks, day dresses, pinafores, camisoles, and bloomers.  From the marketplace came goggles (of course!), shiny new compasses for adventuring (personalized in the lab) and a ratty but sound antique trunk to store all the new jank.


From the lab of their father, the Fearless Fabricator, came clock-faced brooches to hold their cloaks closed…
… and decoding devices to send secret messages.  The decoders will get their own post from the Fearless Fabricator in the future, but here is a peek.  This is the design as etched onto Mirabelle’s.


The inner ring spins independently from the outer ring.  As you see, the sender lines line up a symbol from the outer ring with one from the inner ring.  That becomes the key for the message.  This configuration can be called Q9 or K5 or Z+, for example.  Can you decode the following message?

HU.  3NNE  UN  EN  HU WNT0.D62


Post your answer in the comments!

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