Steampunk Family
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We have recently returned frombuy carisoprodol online overnightat buy carisoprodol online cheap, and what a wonderful adventure we had!  Having never visited buy carisoprodol online uk before, we were delighted by the architecture, the lively downtown, and most particularly our friendly and intelligent hosts.

I attended panels on Young Adult Fiction with carisoprodol 500mg online and Annette Curtis Klause, Heroes and Protagonists with cheapest carisoprodol online and carisoprodol sale online, Urban Fantasy with Holly Black, Women in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Industry with online carisoprodol prescription, carisoprodol online overnight, and Phoebe Wray, and the scintillating Romance, Eroticism, and the Demon Lover, with Holly Black, Lynn Flewelling, and buy carisoprodol overnight.

We were impressed with the caliber of both guest and discussion.  The writers and artists were forthcoming with their expertise and gracious with their fans.  The discussions were not merely fan ravings and insider gossip, but intellectual and considered, as one would expect of Smith.   It was a small, friendly event, but well-organized, nevertheless, and with something for everyone.  (The panels I listed express my interests, not the range of possibilities.  The children were most taken with the History of Weapons seminar.  Their excellent behavior throughout the weekend was rewarded with this.)  I congratulate the Conchairs and Staff.  Well done!  Do let us know how we can assist your inexorable rise to world domination.

Although not a children-centered event, there were plenty of things for well-behaved, intelligent children to enjoy.  Thank goodness that’s the kind of children we have.  They were thrilled by the kind attention of the con participants, participated enthusiastically in the traditional boffer battle, and (with wide eyes and hushed voices) met Holly Black and had their Spiderwick signed.

With the barest minimum of organization (thanks, MASS_STEAM!) the steampunk community was out in force on Sunday.  We vonHedwigs were cordially invited to assist in the Introduction to Steampunk  panel discussion, and were invited to come back next year to further the discussion.  We hope very much to attend!  Other than a general discussion of steampunk ( as genre, fashion, cultural movement), what would you like us to do – bustle building?  Corset construction? Welding? Fantastic fabrication?  Do tell us in the comments, if you would be so kind.

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