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I apologize for failing to post last week.  It is the end of summer, where the great airship is moored, and there was buy carisoprodol online overnight, and buy carisoprodol online cheap, and water, and water, all of which had to be enjoyed. After all, we must have time off from posting, so that we may have more adventures to post about!   I shall try to make it up to you with an extra post, the first in a series of character introductions. Allow me to make known to you my estimable and most cherished husband…

The Fearless Fabricator

The Fearless Fabricator

P. Phineas von Hedwig

Scion of an ancient Prussian family, the Fearless Fabricator followed ancestral tradition and attended the prestigious Academy, where for centuries, scientists have gone to hone their mad skills. His academic career proved memorable; he was asked to leave mid-way through his senior year, escorted from the smoking ruins of the Genetics Wing by grim-faced faculty and cheering students.

Other than a brief but distinguished stint in the Prussian Air Scouts, mystery clouds his post-Academy adventures. He soared back to international prominence with his invention of the Veritiscope, a revolutionary moving picture device, which he used to document the hurly-burly, risque world of Parisian  burlesque and circus performers.

He shocked his family by marrying a “showy nobody” (in his mother’s words) and taking to the skies in his airship, the Schoneluft, rather than taking over the family estates on his older brother’s death.

He travels the world with his remarkable family, inventing and agitating, saving the world, one questionable decision at a time.

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