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I have a pouch on my adventure belt for a field observation notebook, but alas! none of my existing notebooks fit in my pouch. To remedy this I spent a snowy afternoon making myself a notebook to fit. I copied a wonderful technique from Meredith Scheff who blogged about it at buy carisoprodol online overnight but did not include process photos. I took way too many process photos and have created a buy carisoprodol online cheap in the von_Hedwig Flickr carisoprodol online uk

This is a great project to do with kids, even young kids, especially if you start with an existing notebook and cover it with this technique. I only had to buy one supply item, everything else came out of the recycling!

To cover a notebook you need:

clear gesso (art suppy shop, craft store – look in the painting aisle)

crumpled brown paper (paper grocery bags or shipping material)

watercolor paint


To make a notebook:

corrugated cardboard


sturdy fabric scrap

stout needle

button thread

The tutorial shows the making of a notebook. If you want to cover an existing notebook, start carisoprodol 500mg online with h-glue paper to outside of notebook.

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