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Galium odoratum L., also Asperula odorata carisoprodol online overnight

I grew up calling it Sweet Woodruff, and  my dear von Hedwig calls it Waldmeister, or master of the woods. Other common names are Sweet-Scented Bedstraw and Our Lady’s Lace. This woodland ground cover bears clusters of small, white star-shaped blooms in April and May. The delicate foliage takes the form of whorls of lance-shaped, dark green leaves.

It has historically been used as an insect repellent, as are most plants whose common name is bedstraw. It was used to stuff mattresses, scattered in sick rooms and root cellars to keep the air smelling sweet, and dried bundles were packed with winter wools to keep the moths away. The sweet scent comes from buy carisoprodol online cheap, which not only smells nice but fixes other odors, and is thus useful in the making of perfume and potpourri.

Woodruff is related to buy carisoprodol online uk, in the family Rubiaceae. The leaves will produce a light brown dye, and the roots a light red when used with alum as a mordant.

My favorite use for Woodruff is to flavor Mai Wein, which we always drink on the first of May.

Madame von Hedwig’s Mai Wein recipe:

Pick 2 or 3 handfuls of Woodruff sprigs and blossoms and scatter them on a baking sheet. Bake in a 200F degree oven for 5 or 6 minutes. This intensifies the flavor. You may skip this step and just let the sprigs steep longer.

Add the Woodruff to a bottle of white wine. Rhine wine is traditional, but use something you like. Let the wine and herb sit over night. Chill the wine.

To serve, strain the herb out of the wine and pour it into the pitcher or punch bowl in which you shall serve it and add sliced strawberries.

Pour in a bottle of your favorite champagne or sekt. Garnish with fresh violets and Woodruff sprigs and flowers. Very refreshing after dancing the May Pole.

Happy May Day!

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