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Schöneluft Log, 1900.06.27
Ulrik Manfred Adler, acting Captain
39.663, 108.09, traveling west northwest at 45 knots
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Over the Gobi today. The desolation suits my mood, miles of bleak red sand slashed by the thin gleam of the Trans-Siberian rail. The boiler crew played a melancholy concert last night, to repay my recent efforts. I think it was Kabuki, or perhaps Noh. I do not have much experience with the music of the Japanese theatre. It was interesting, if somewhat painful, and sufficed to distract me from less immediate troubles for a time. So different from the music I love and study. Their harmonies sound dissonant to me; what must my Mozart sound like to them? Bland, soporific, dissonant? And still music communicates across language, across culture, across species, not only speaking to how different we are, but that each culture, and each man must make sense of the world in which he travels.

I saw an airship far in the northern distance this evening. Though it was many miles away I detected flashes of light and a cloud of movement surrounding it. I could not see the shape or markings to determine which Khan’s ship it was, but the cloud of movement must have been War Wings. It is the first time I have seen the Mongol.

Mongol air pirates were the villains in half the books I read as a boy. I daydreamed of fighting them, of brave and reckless battles. Now I am responsible for my master’s ship. I am alone in the sky with a handful of monkeys and a French Chef. I did not spare our engines, for I have no desire to meet these raiders without the Prussian Airborne Infantry behind me, or at least Herr von Hedwig.

We shall run dark tonight in case there are other raiders about. If I must sleep I will set volunteers from the boiler crew to watch. They think their eyesight is better than it is, so I will set out the telescope and other far-seeing devices, even my own monocular. Although none of them will admit to poor eyesight, neither can they resist gadgetry.

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