Steampunk Family
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I must apologize for the inconsistency of my communications with you of late! We have been traveling hither and thither on many wondrous adventures and I have had scant time to put pen to paper or fingertip to keyboard. I shall endeavor to tell you of our adventures now in three posts. In this entry I shall discuss Katsucon, the next post Mysticon, and the following shall be about the Alternative Living Expo and Steampunk Home Show.

My buy carisoprodol online overnight and his buy carisoprodol online cheap have long been attending buy carisoprodol online uk, a large anime & pop culture convention held at the Gaylord Resort at National Harbor, Maryland. They have observed a steady increase in steampunk attendance and encouraged us to come. As I poked around the Katsu website, I noticed a form for applying to lead a panel. ‘What ho,’ thought I, ‘this is my chance to get many, many steampunks in the same place at the same time, and meet them!’ (Because really, that is the fun part.)

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So, I suggested a “Steampunk Show and Tell” because I want to hear what everyone is doing, not just stand at the front and tell you what I’m doing. The panel was accepted, and then the organizers asked me if I would mind including the cheapest carisoprodol online in my panel. After a brief and somewhat undignified happy dance, I was able to control my excitement and reply in the affirmative. A day or two before the event, the Dolls contacted me and asked if carisoprodol sale online and online carisoprodol prescription could join us as well.

It was thus that my dear von Hedwig and I ended up with a line of 200 steampunks and steampunk-curious waiting to enter the panel! We had an excellent time, met many fine steampunks, and saw many lovely outfits and mad machines, and were able to provide advice and resources to some in need. Immediately following our “Show and Tell” the Clockwork Dolls invited us all to tea, and we enjoyed refreshments along with many intelligent questions from our audience, followed by entertaining answers from the head table.

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We spent most of the rest of the event either chatting with folks in the halls or haunting the expansive buy carisoprodol overnightroom. (Dealer warehouse, really.) We enjoyed the Lolita fashion show (Annabelle was most insistent that we attend.), and the general splendor of the Convention Center and its inhabitants. Katsucon is first and foremost a cosplay event, and we saw jaw-dropping costumes every few feet, all weekend long. Here are a few pictures in the Steampunk Family buying carisoprodol online. There are great pictures from Katsu all over the web. Check out buying carisoprodol and ordering carisoprodol online. Also, there were succulent cheeses, which my SIL stalked into their very lair, the cheese cave!

Altogether a most enjoyable weekend, and we are already plotting with the Dolls to expand steampunk programming at Katsu next year. Tell me, what panels, events, and activities would you like to see at Katsucon?

Panel photo by Elizabeth V Bouras

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