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Lady Aubergine did not return until late. Servants came with dinner and left with trays barely touched. Eventually all the children fell asleep except for Claire, who waited, groggy but determined. When the kind eggplant finally returned, Claire jumped up and embraced her. Eglantine seemed quite surprised, but returned the embrace.

“I was afraid we’d gotten you in trouble!”

“I was born in trouble, my dear. Your company is a pleasant diversion from my usual trouble.”

She picked up her teapot and measured spoons full of what looked very much like loam into it, then added steaming water from an elaborately carved pumpkin.

“That was quite a bold move, Claire.”


“The way you threatened Queen Drysi.”

“I –”

“Or promised her great wealth and magical powers. She doesn’t know what to expect, whether to be afraid or excited.”

“I did all that?”

“I’m not sure you could have made yourself and your family safe any other way. I certainly could not have.”

“I thought of offering to work off our debt, the way we worked at the farm,” Claire said.

“Why didn’t you?”

“I don’t-” Claire lowered her voice. “She already has servants to do everything, except… except things we should probably keep to ourselves.”

“Your parents’ magic?”

“It isn’t really magic, it’s science. But I don’t think she needs to have it; she doesn’t need more power, does she?”

Lady Aubergine only raised a delicate purple eyebrow.

“I can’t trust her,” Claire whispered. “Not like Ifan. Not like you.”

“I hope I am worthy of your trust.”

Claire blushed. “You shouldn’t have to be. We’re only going to get you in more trouble.”

Lady Aubergine waved a dismissive hand. “You usually let your sisters speak for you, but today you did not.”

“They’re only eleven. Clever, brilliant even, but still.”

“When the circumstances are most difficult, you take charge. That is leadership.”

“Oh no,” Claire protested. “Philomena’s the leader.”

“Who is Philomena?”

“Our older sister. She’s at the Academy – away at school.”

“But not here. Here you lead. It is never easy, even when you don’t realize you’re leading.” She smoothed Claire’s hair from her face and her worry lines from her brow. “You have bought us days, if not weeks of safety, and I am very proud of you. Now you should sleep. This is my country and my queen. Let me do some of the worrying.steampunk girl

Claire went to her couch and shook out her covers, (Bettina had hidden cookies under Claire’s pillow) but had too many questions. Before Eglantine reached her chamber she spoke.

“Lady Aubergine?”


“I, I don’t think the queen likes you.”

The lady laughed aloud, quickly smothering her outburst with an elegant hand.

“No, dear, she does not like me at all.”

“Then why does she have you so close? Why not send you away?”

Lady Aubergine sat down on Claire’s couch, patting it so Claire would join her.

“She sees me as a threat, a rival. She fears that if I were out of sight I might threaten her power.”

“A rival?” Claire remembered their first night. “The Aubergines – you said you’re descended from ancient queens.”

“And not so ancient.” Eglantine whispered. “My grandparents, the Queen and her consort, died in mysterious circumstances. The Council appointed Drysi’s grandfather as regent. The regency was not long. He anointed his own daughter as Queen, the surviving Council agreed. Anyone who might not have agreed also died under mysterious circumstances. My mother lived with cousins in the countryside – quiet, non-political cousins, as did I. I was summoned to serve the young princess, I believe, to take me away from my mother – my father was already dead – and to make me love her.”

“It didn’t work,” Claire said.

“No,” Eglantine admitted, “it did not. And now I have returned your trust with my own. Please be careful with it. I’m afraid what I’ve just told you is enough to get us both killed.”
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