Steampunk Family
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Portable Elegance for Camp and Home

One Weekend Only

November 12 – 13, 2011

Captain Eve Charette and P. Phineas von Hedwig will host an open house at their studio in buy carisoprodol online cheap this weekend to visitors of all ages. Collaborating with painter/printmaker buy carisoprodol online uk as buy carisoprodol online overnight, they are eager to present to the public their well-crafted campaign necessities and vintage amusements.

cheapest carisoprodol onlineThis unprecedented opportunity to meet the makers is sponsored by the carisoprodol sale online. The Tour features 15 of Loudoun County’s finest artists in 7 unique studios close to each other in Virginia’s historic wine country. Loudoun County Virginia is situated nearby Washington, DC, Frederick, Maryland, and Shepherdstown, West Virginia.

Pith Helmet Provisions, a Steampunk Family venture, features unique hand-crafted toys for all ages, from marshmallow crossbows, desktop catapults and elegant hand-painted game boards to iPod soundboxes* and cocktail  cases to please the most discerning connoisseur. Any one, from Walter Mitty to the most rugged adventurer will appreciate the ingenuity and fine craftsmanship of these clever creations.

Vintage Amusements

For young and old, Pith Helmet Provisions has been stringing crossbows, assembling online carisoprodol prescriptioncatapults and varnishing hand-painted reversible backgammon/checker sets for back yard, office, parlour or campaign tent. For toys to delight your loved ones this holiday season, turn away from the plastic morass and embrace hand-made old-school fun. On seeing the last crossbow strung, steampunk matron Hera von Hedwig exclaimed, “How marvelous! You’re the Santa’s elves of holiday mayhem!”

Delightful Diversions

carisoprodol online overnightDiscerning shoppers may choose from a selection of cunning cocktail cases for a gift to please the one who has everything. Designed to grace the most rugged tent or elegant home, no case is like any other made by Pith Helmet Provisions or anyone else! If the Rough Rider Martini case does not suit, try the Sarah Bernhardt champagne case (with or without the Oscar Wilde expansion pack), Napolean’s campaign cocktail case, or the van Gogh absinthe fountain. Have a maniacal laugh in your heart? The buy carisoprodol overnight is for you!

Mad Science Home Decor

Different events call for different venues – be ready! Our floorcloths and tables can be moved buying carisoprodol onlineinside or out depending on your whim. More durable and practical than any carpet, floorcloths created with our centuries-old hand-painting technique bring color and style into any space.

Pith Helmet Provisions expertly hand-crafts sturdy, collapsible tables to bring the quality of your great-grandmother’s dining table anywhere you go. Inspired by Napoleonic campaign furniture, portable tables are designed to endure clumsy guest mishaps and extremes of weather. Unexpected holiday guests are no problem if you are fortunate enough to possess one of our moveable feast tables. Use alone or in combination to create the perfect social environment.


* Android soundbox can be created on request!

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