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Schöneluft Log, 1900.07.05

Ulrik Manfred Adler, acting Captain

I clung to the ladder, blown backward by the blast of the Mongol’s hydrogen. Each bag exploded in turn, but I lost count. The front of me was dry and the back wet, and I found that to be so funny I laughed out loud. Below me the ladder burned. This was interesting to watch, and so I watch it. I wondered if it would reach me, or if the rain would put it out.

I realized then that someone was speaking to me. I looked for the Khan, but his ship was falling, was nearly to the ground. I watched the impact before the voice again interrupted my thoughts. This time I remembered to look up. It was Chef.

“Ça va, mon brave bête?”

I thought what a fine and brave fellow he was, and an excellent chef. I grinned at him, and waved. He pulled on his mustache (which is a very fine one) and gestured at me to come up. Lightening struck again, but it was nearly a mile away, already heading out to sea. I laughed again forgetting all about Chef.

I lurched downward. I thought my ladder might have burned away, dropping me on my final flight, but I still held on. I came around a bit then. The lashing rain had extinguished the ladder fire a dozen feet below me. That had me grinning again, until something sharp hit me in the head.


I rubbed at my scalp, feeling for blood. Someone was yelling above me again. One of the boiler crew leaned out of the hatch, screaming unintelligibly and waving a spanner. I looked around. No crewman (or lady) would throw a spanner unless it was important. They love their tools.

A lone Wing was approaching, flapping madly and gaining altitude. I fumbled at the rifle slung on my back, then in my pockets for shells. I searched the sky for others, but they were all far below. One determined Mongol dying to avenge his Khan, and damned if I only had one shot left!

I raised the barrel and aimed. As I squeezed the trigger something silver hit my rifle. My shot went wild. My last shot! What the Hell was that monkey playing at?

I drew my sword, knowing that the blighter would have an arrow through my chest and blow up Mein Herr’s ship before I could get in a single blow.

I looked for my iron-tipped fate. I saw instead … an accordion? The rider had no bow, no axe, but what appeared to be a concertina he was pumping earnestly as the wings flapped. And then I knew why I’d had spanners thrown at me. War Wings glide; they don’t flap. Mongol airmen don’t have adorable heart-shaped faces, a riot of curls poking out from their leather flying caps, or sparkling brown eyes behind their goggles.

buy carisoprodol online cheapI sheathed the sword and held out my arms. Philomena von Hedwig flew into them, accordion wheezing a protest in our embrace.

“Gosh it’s good to see you, Ulrik!”








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