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“I beg your pardon, Madame?” Lady Aubergine said.

“Majesty!” Queen Drysi shrieked the word.

Lady Aubergine bowed low. “I beg your pardon, your Majesty. Might I enquire as to the location of the art of which I am accused?”

The enraged Queen slumped back in her throne and flicked a wrist at the Capsicum Chief.

“Her Highness refers to carvings on the kitchen fountain, which are seditious in nature,” he said.

“Majesty, as I recall, the kitchen fountain is of great antiquity, being the oldest fountain on the grounds.” She turned to an elderly tomato. “Lord Llyr, is that not so?”

The gentleman blanched, shaking his head as if to disagree, but at last he spoke, almost in a whisper. “It is so. That fountain has not been replaced since my great-grandfather’s time.”

“Then I cannot have made the pictures on it, my Queen, no can any person now living,” Eglantine said. Her voice was soothing now, as though calming a child’s tantrum. “They are no doubt some quaint folk tradition of no importance.”

Queen Drysi rose slowly, hands shaking. “You defy me, Eglantine, you mock me! I will not have it! All my life you have undermined me, standing behind my throne, my throne as though it were yours!” The Queen was screaming, pink spittle flecking her mottled face. “You have no right. I am Queen and have always been and shall always be Queen. Not one more day, not one more hour will I bear your challenge to my authority!”

Claire felt movement in the hall behind her, a shifting in the crowd, but could not tear her eyes away from the awful spectacle of the mad queen. Queen Drysi took a trembling step forward, then another. Bettina clung to Claire’s skirt, hiding her face in it. Claire reached for Gerhardt’s hand, squeezing. He took Mirabelle’s, she reached for her twin, and Annabelle took Adolphus’ hand.

“No more,” the Queen said, raising a finger to point at Lady Aubergine. “I sentence you-”

The chamberlain cleared his throat and whispered in his mistress’ ear. She tore her gaze from Eglantine and looked past her into the throne room. Her face twisted into a grimace of fear and hate. The chamberlain whispered on, one hand hovering over her sleeve as though to restrain, though he didn’t dare touch her.

Claire watched the Queen’s eyes dart around the hall and could bear it no longer. She looked over her shoulder in to a sea of purple faces. Dark purple, lavender, lilac, and purple-tinged cream, every eggplant at Court stood united behind Lady Aubergine. They had gathered from the crowd, displacing other vegetables to support one of their own. Silent but unmoving, they did not challenge, but used their mass to speak for them.

Queen Drysi mastered herself at last and pushed the chamberlain away.

“Banished,” she croaked. “You are banished forever from my Court. No one may give help or succor to you, else be guilty of treason. Go this day and never be seen again!”

Eglantine bowed low without a word and turned, meeting Claire’s eye. Claire pulled her siblings back into the crowd, trying to slip away.

“Oh no, no!” Drysi stamped her foot. “The children remain with me. I shall care for them.” Her eyes glittered as though fevered.

Eglantine turned and bowed again. “Great Queen, children are such a bother, and your Majesty has so many important concerns. Let me perform this last task for you, whom I have served all your life. Let me care for the children.”

“No.” Drysi smiled again, a nasty, triumphant smile.

“Just the littlest one,” Eglantine pleaded.

The queen laughed. “You need her more than she needs you! This makes your punishment perfect.” She turned to the Chief Guard. “See that she is gone by nightfall.”
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