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Despite her declaration, the Queen showed no interest in taking care of the children, and ignored them completely as soon as Lady Aubergine was away. Addfwyn Annuum from next door fussed over them, invading Eglantine’s chambers as though it were a maternal duty instead of a gross imposition. She kept them in chambers all the next day in case her Majesty should send for them, but the call did not come.

buy carisoprodol online cheapThe buy carisoprodol online uk began at midday. Adolphus, pale but determined, wanted to witness it.

“It’s my fault,” he told Claire. “It should be me, not them.” They spoke quietly so Bettina wouldn’t hear. She was never far from tears this morning, and the others were distracting her with games and stories.

“That pepper won’t let us leave.”

“Oh yeah? I don’t see any guards.” He turned and stalked down the hall. Mrs. Annuum gave a nervous shriek and ran after him, calling. Claire heard her pleading but did not hear Adolphus respond. She found herself bouncing up and down, considering stratagem. Finally, she screamed. Mrs. Annuum ran back to chambers, breathless.

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” Her features were pinched in distress, and her hand fluttered over her heart.

Claire shrugged. “You wouldn’t leave my brother alone.”

Mrs. Annuum let out a little panicked shriek, an utterance which occurred with increasing frequency the more time she spent with the von Hedwig children.

Adolphus sat, arms wrapped around his knees, partially obscured by shrubbery. He could see the field where the servants knelt in rows, waiting their turn in the muggy, sulfurous afternoon. Capsicum guards paced the rows, whipping one shirtless back and then the next and the next. Clear sap ran from striped wounds and the victims moaned or cried out or were silent according to their nature.

Adolphus swore he would watch them all but he could not. He forced himself to watch, to feel their hurt as his own, but he felt no lash, only miserable shame, and hid his head again and again. Nearly a hundred people were beaten. It took hours.

Long after they had been dismissed to treat each other’s hurts and prepare the Court’s feast, Adolphus sat, sunburn on his bare neck. He heard a rustling nearby but it stopped sharp and retreated quickly. Too quickly. His head snapped up in time to see a tall green figure slip away. He jumped up in pursuit, catching up to the older boy at the kitchen fountain.


When the boy turned, Adolphus punched him in the mouth. Surprised, he staggered back, falling over the bench and into the pool. Water splashed around him from a bamboo pipe; the carved pillar had been taken away. Adolphus jumped onto the bench.

“Get up! Get up you coward! I told you I’d thrash you now get up.”

Rhodri sat up in the water, squinting up at Adolphus.

“Did you watch? Did you see what you did?”

Rhodri got up, dripping. “I saw.”

“How could you tell like that?”

“I didn’t think it would go that far,” he mumbled.

“Are you coming out or am I coming in?” Adolphus demanded.

“I’ll come out, and you can thrash me.” Rhodri sat on the bench at Adolphus’ feet.

Adolphus jumped off the bench in case it was a ruse.

“Do you know why my mother’s so nervous, von Hedwig?”

“Because she’s got a worthless son like you,” Adolphus snarled.

“I used to have a sister.”

Adolphus frowned, but he could not bring himself to fling an insult at that.

“She made up a funny song about the Queen. She was Gerhardt’s age, I suppose.” He looked Adolphus in the eye at last. “No one’s safe here. You do what you must.” He stood up, facing Adolphus. “I’m ready.”

Adolphus shoved him back onto the bench. “Well stop doing it to us. I sill have sisters.” He walked away.

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