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buy carisoprodol online cheapAll eyes were on the queen, captivated by her ranting. All eyes except Gerhardt’s. He was kneeling on Adolphus’ discarded knife, and while the queen exploded in childish grief he grabbed it, and slipped a hand around his brother’s back to saw at his bonds. He nicked his brother’s wrist while trying to find the right spot without looking, but Adolphus didn’t flinch, just inched his hands into better position.

Claire bowed her head. “Your Majesty, you are right, we have been an awful bother to you. We shall go away at once and leave you in peace. It will be like we were never here.”

“Your Majesty,” said the flowery fellow, “these children are dangerous. They will roam through your country spreading their lies and causing unrest. The Magician guarantees that with his magic he can contain them. Make them serve you. Give him custody and all shall be well. ”

“No!” Bettina shouted, stamping her foot. Her hands were plunged in her pinafore pocket, clutching her two remaining firecrackers. They were useless since she lost her matches in the river, but they made her feel brave. “Not bad man. Home! Home and Mummy and Daddy.” She glared at the queen challenging tantrum to tantrum.

“You have no home,” the Queen crowed. Adolphus shook his head back and forth, trying to catch Bettina’s eye. “You have no mummy or daddy,” the Queen said. “You’re an orphan and you’ll do as I say.”

“No! No no no no no no!” Bettina’s face red with the exertion of defiance. “Want Mummy. You’re mean. Mean to Lady Eglantine. Mean to everyone and selfish. Stupid and selfish and ugly!”

The queen gasped. Already red, her face mottled purple.

“Your ugly head is full of tomato juice!”

The Count and oily Owain recovered first. “Majesty, these children are distressing you. Let us take them away so that you may be comfortable.”

“Yes,” Drysi said, “take them away. Begin your experiments immediately. You shall have whatever you need.” The queen gave orders to the chamberlain, who questioned Owain as to the Count’s needs.

Bettina opened her mouth to scream again, but felt pressure on her hand. She looked down. Adolphus pressed his waterproof match case into her hand. He wasn’t looking at her. No one was.

She extracted a match and struck it against the case. Then she lit a firecracker and rolled it between the queen and her chief guard. Then she stuck her fingers in her ears.

The Capsicum Chief looked around him for the source of the sizzling, a sound he had never heard before, and the equally unknown smell. Adolphus pulled the gag from his mouth and, in  a calm and conversational tone, told his siblings to duck. The assembled vegetables paid him no heed, for not only was the queen ranting again (asserting her great patience in the face of the children’s abuse of her), but Adolphus took the precaution of speaking in German.

The children ducked.


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