Steampunk Family
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What purpose a Promenade? Well, the usual purpose of meeting fascinating steampunks and looking fabulous, of course, but in addition, we have the opportunity to bestow a few of our holiday shopping dollars on small, local businesses.

Harpers Ferry is a historic town in the panhandle of West Virginia, close to Maryland and Virginia, and only an hour from DC. It is both a living small town and a National Historic Park, and every December both town and park throw a buy carisoprodol online overnight in the streets. Shall we join them?

On December 9, 2012, meet at the Park bus shelter* on Shenandoah Street at 2:00pm. From there we will make our leisurely way past the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers (a sight that buy carisoprodol online cheap called “worth a voyage across the Atlantic.”), past John Brown’s Fort and other historic, preserved buildings in the Lower Town, then up the High Street. There are many gorgeous backdrops for your gorgeous self, and P. Phineas von Hedwig will be ready to snap your daguerreotype along the way.

buy carisoprodol online ukOn the High Street we find carisoprodol 500mg online, owned by local folks – antiques, wine, pottery, books, jewelry, adventure gear, confections, and the amazing cheapest carisoprodol online steampunk shop and gallery, where we will warm up with tea and cookies. So, rather than trample on Black Friday, stroll in elegance on Steampunk Sunday! Peruse the carisoprodol sale online event schedule and have a look at the Park Service online carisoprodol prescription, if you like.

The gentleman in this photo is lighting his lantern from the Yule Log during the opening of last year’s celebration. (Photo stolen from the Harpers Ferry Historic Town carisoprodol online overnight.)

* There is no parking in Harpers Ferry. Seriously, I used to work there, and there is none. The Park Service runs a shuttle from the Park Entrance and buy carisoprodol overnight on Cavalier Heights, where there is loads of parking, to the Shenandoah Street shelter where we’re meeting. Park fee per car is $10, so let’s use the buying carisoprodol online or buying carisoprodol facebook pages to arrange carpools. (All the historic buildings, the stroll, and the holiday events are free, and your $10 supports the Historic Park.)

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