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The Tesla Corps

January 2, 2013

TeslaCorpsBehold the Tesla Air Corps. Formed in 2011, the Tesla Corps strive for fun. A teeny bit of Tesla-based education, but mostly the fun. In addition to spiffy uniforms and ray guns, we all fly one of these. Or would, if we could get one. It’s also a fashion experiment. How many variations can we make using the same pattern?

Want to join the Teslas? Design your own uniforms, or get the Simplicity 2172 pattern. Use the jacket as your base, but riff off it any way you want. Use any colors you want (ours are dark blue, dove grey, and red, if you want to use ours). Have fun! Send in pictures of your Tesla Corps. When we get enough of those helicopters planes, we’ll take over the world!

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  • Kris Consaul says:

    I’ll have to get right on the construction os that machine. I’d mislaid my copy of the patent drawings, but now I can have at it.

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  • […] case means a coat or jacket with its own bustle. We used the Simplicity Steampunk pattern that the Tesla Corps coats are based on. He altered the shoulder seams to give a better & more 19th century fit, […]

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