Steampunk Family
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buy carisoprodol online overnightP. Phineas has been sewing and crafting through the long winter, while waiting for the snows to clear so he can get back to terrorizing the villages. Ah Spring! Here is the dashing result of some of his labors. A new, leather top hat, a skill learned through friends in the the Washington buy carisoprodol online cheap MeetUp group. He wired the brim and top seam of the hat to get that flare. Then he etched a copper hat band.


The vest is a new pattern, inspired by Robert Carlyle’s Rumpelstiltskin character on Once Upon a Time. Stylish and evil, what a role model! The key is to keep the collar tight to the neck without  losing mobility. (Can’t be letting folks sneak up on you!)

The pants pattern is based on a pair of jeans that fit well. He altered them to get the high waist so fashionable in Victorian times, and made them out of a busy plaid, so as to clash nicely with the striped vest.

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