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buy carisoprodol online overnightWhen my beloved Aunt Margaret passed away, she left me fabric. She was a crafty and creative type, leaving behind piles and piles of fabric and trim. In her honor, I took a set of curtains she left me and Phineas made me a polonaise from them, fringe and all. A polonaise in this case means a coat or jacket with its own bustle. We used the buy carisoprodol online cheap that the buy carisoprodol online uk coats are based on. He altered the shoulder seams to give a better & more 19th century fit, squared the neck, and took the front of the coat straight down, rather than having it cutaway. Extra fabric in front gave us more to bustle in the back.


Once the coat was made and lined, he hung it up and started gathering up and pinning the back until it looked right. When you have the back gathered and bustled the way you want it, sew it down. Phineas used little buttons on the underside to sew the gathers down, so as to take pressure off the fabric.

Although I do think of my polonaise as “The Aunt Margaret Memorial Polonaise” I primarily call her by her nickname, “Sexy”. Honestly, I’ve never named a garment before in my life, but this baby is something different!

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