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There really is no other event like the Steampunk World’s Fair! We had a marvelous time. Our photos are posted on Facebook for now, and will be added to our Flickr stream soon.

Ah, Steampunk Worlds Fair – the most wonderful weekend of the year! The silver is polished, the ray guns are packed, the children are vibrating with excitement. We’re getting ready for that pinnacle of all steampunk events.


There will be music and dancing, there will be rollicking merriment. There will be mad science. There will be friends, old and yet-to-be-made.


There will be magnificent outfits and clever inventions. (But don’t let a lack of magnificent outfits and clever inventions stop you from coming! Wear whatever you want, just come. If you want to make many friends, wear this t shirt.)

WFair12kidsFor the first time, we are bringing some of our children (3 out of 7 – Bettina is staying home with Nanny Aubergine, Adolphus is deep in exams, Claire has an experiment at a delicate point that she just can’t set aside, and Philomena has [gasp] a job!). Annabelle, Mirabelle, and Gerhardt will be running wild; for your own safety, please refrain from giving them any marshmallows.

The photo to the left is not of our children. The presence of these natty children last year contributed to our parenting guilt at leaving our own behind.

(Also, there is no circumstance under which a child with a mustache is not funny.)

We will be attending as many concerts, meet-ups, panels and other frivolity as we possibly can. Some events where you might find us: Friday night is all about the music – SteampunkFunk Bizarre, Katie Kat, Eli August, Unwoman, Ego Likeness.  Saturday begins with our one panel – Phineas has been invited to join Mr. Houghton and Mr. Brown in Boardroom A in the Radisson for the weapons panel, and he has a trunk of destruction to share! Then we’re off to the Absinthe Tasting with Walter Sickert (and hopefully the charming Jojo Lazar, Burlesque Poetess). Friends of ours are getting married at 3, and we’ll be cheering them on. WFair12punks

We will be entertaining in our suite at the Embassy on Saturday from 4:30 to 6pm. Once we have our room I will post the invitation on FB and Twitter, so follow along if you want to come by and say hello. We will be delighted to see you!

After that, who knows where the wild rumpus will take us? A visit with the inimitable Imperial Amerikan Air Corps, certainly. Shall we follow Emperor Norton, dancing through the night like the Fey-bespelled? Head-bang with Frenchy and the Punk? We shall certainly make an appearance at the Centennial Ball, where exhibits of invention meet magical music and bravura belly dance.

Too much to do! Especially since some of the best fun is just wandering the halls, admiring our fellow steampunks in all their inventive glory. Don’t try to get anywhere in a hurry – there’s too much to see on the way.

Come one, come all! See you tomorrow at the Steampunk Worlds Fair!

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