Steampunk Family

EllerQDavenportsHere we have Curtis Eller, Doctor Q, and Mingan Davenport at Davenport’s (formerly Davenport & Winkleperry’s), and amazing coffee hangout & performance space in Pittsboro, North Carolina. Oh, how often I have wished to live closer!

Davenport’s is evolving from a small coffee shop and gallery space to a larger club and performance space. Let’s hear from owner Emmett Davenport on the planned expansion “a stage, additional seating, integrated sound system, video screen & projector. With this new space, we hope to host live music, author readings, poetry slams, songwriter workshops, etc…”

To make this dream a reality, Emmett needs help. Click here to contribute to the campaign to keep amazing music and creative events happening! Every little bit helps. Contributing will also allow Emmett to continue her fabulous podcast Clockwork Cabaret, where I’ve learned about so much new and awesome steampunk music. Give it a listen, and give Emmett some help, while you’re at it. Give back to someone who’s given the steampunk community so much!

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