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August 10, 2013

We are gamers. The other week we were invited to play Zombicide with the game designers of Wonder Wickets* and a bunch of friends. Our friend J5 was there, and had created character ID cards for P. Phineas and myself, so we could play as ourselves.


Above is my crappy phone pic of the awesome cards J5 made for us. That got Phineas thinking (which happens all the time, and is often dangerous) – we should have minis of ourselves! So off he went to the game shop, and modded a couple of likely suspects, using epoxy, crazy glue, and the foil from wine bottles.


From left to right: the original figure, the Phineas mod front and back, the actual Phineas.


And here is the original figure, the Hera figure front and back, and actual Hera.

Now our mini-selves are ready to kill the zombies, clear the dungeon, and fight the terror of the Elder Gods!

*Wonder Wickets is just getting started, but we’ve been lucky enough to be test players for them. Keep an eye on them on the various social media listed on their web site! (but only if you like fun)

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