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February 26, 2014


One of my favorite pictures of Phineas and myself. Love you, sweetie!

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  • Having mistakenly missed the Beckster & Steve’s Halloween gathering in 2013, and thus the gaggle of celebration parade of characters appropriately festooned to my loss , and having visited the Skinners on Easter Sunday to be informed that Beckster is very much with child I was compelled to make a beeline to offer my warmest blessings and just catch up on life on Planet Bryant as well as confirm that I am still very much alive I had this notion to check in with the online York’s to discover any recent images and happened upon this gem date February 26, 2014. Now we all know what kind of a mercurial winter we weathered through and was wondering what manner of Jules Vernian-class Weather-control invention that Phineas had tinkered together and made fully operational in mid February to allow one to feel perfectly comfortable clad in what appears to be late Spring attire. *What manner of steampunk sorcery is this?* I exclaimed to myself. Glad to see you good folks thriving and bathing in each other’s warmth of spirit, heart, and climate of creative mind. Please passalong my warm regards to Dirigible Pilot/Commander Eve Charette should have a small fleet of zepplins under her able & experienced wing command by now. Be well, the both of you.
    Quinn MacDulles, rogue industrialist , gentleman multi-dimensional explorer/adventurer , and avid cultivator of magical, mystical mushrooms

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