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We’ve run a Mod your Goggles workshop at 3 different cons this last year. It’s fun, we’ve learned a lot, and been quite impressed by the creativity of the participants. Hands-on is the best!




We start with welder’s goggles. We take them apart, tape off the threads, and paint them. Paint, paint, clear coat.






Ventilation and patience are crucial to this process.24



Once we have the goggles gleaming with metallic sheen, we drill holes all around the edge of each eye piece.

We have a trunk full of bits and bobs that we bring, including leather and fabric, thread, twine, and wire, copper and brass screen and mesh.


After a brief safety discussion, we divide folks into eye piece mod & lens mod teams. Then they’re off!





These folks at Eastern Shore Fan Con 2014 are padding eye pieces with leather or fabric, wrapped with thread, twine, or wire.







Here we’re making alternative lenses out of screen or mesh. One enterprising participant added visors to each lens.












And another used fur for the eye pieces. Looks very Waterbender to me!








Here are a few more finished goggles.













If you want to mod your goggles, and we’re not coming to a convention near you, drop me an email at madamevonhedwig at steampunkfamily dot com and ask questions. We’ll be happy to help out!

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