Steampunk Family

Once again, a delightful time was had at the Steampunk World’s Fair! We had 20 Steampunk Family & Friends attend together, and of course, met dozens, nay, scores of friends new and old. Hera debuted her Rococo White Witch/Snow Queen, and Phineas threw his Prussian military jacket over his lederhosen and grabbed his axe to be the Witch’s servant. That wig has over 13 hours of gluing and sculpting, and equal or more hours in hand sewing lace medallions to the corset. (Not including the time it took Phineas to make the corset itself…) It was a fun costume to make and wear, and I hope to get some studio shots of it, and post more about how we did it. When we get photos published, I’ll update this post. See you next year, Piscataway!

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