Steampunk Family
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Steampunk (n.) A literary and cultural movement based on the principle that Jules Verne should have been right, that both people and things should be elegant and functional, and that I want a zepplin.

Family (n.) People you love, live with, are related to, or cannot otherwise avoid.

We, the Steampunk Family, like to make things.  We like to make beautiful, and when possible, functional things.  If a thing cannot be useful, let it at least be beautiful, and if it cannot be beautiful, do we really need it?

We want better, not more.  We curb skim and dumpster dive proudly, to make the unused and unappreciated into the unique and useful.  We want the work of our hearts, hands, minds, and tongues to be art.  We ourselves want to live as art.

You may reach us through our facebook page, through a comment on this site, or at these addresses:

madamevonhedwig at steampunkfamily dot com & fearlessfabricator at

Our carisoprodol buy overnight is available.

Please allow me to introduce to to some of the denizens of these pages, beginning with the crew of the airship Schöneluft.

buy carisoprodol online overnightP. Phineas von Hedwig

Scion of an ancient Prussian family, the Fearless Fabricator followed ancestral tradition and attended the prestigious Academy, where for centuries, scientists have gone to hone their mad skills. His academic career proved memorable; he was asked to leave mid-way through his senior year, escorted from the smoking ruins of the Genetics Wing by grim-faced faculty and cheering students.

Other than a brief but distinguished stint in the Prussian Air Scouts, mystery clouds his post-Academy adventures. He soared back to international prominence with his invention of the Veritiscope, a revolutionary moving picture device, which he used to document the hurly-burly, risque world of Parisian  burlesque and circus performers.

He shocked his family by marrying a “showy nobody” (in his mother’s words) and taking to the skies in his airship, the Schoneluft, rather than taking over the family estates on his older brother’s death.

He travels the world with his remarkable family, inventing and agitating, saving the world, one questionable decision at a time.

buy carisoprodol online cheapUlrik Manfred Adler is P. Phinneas vonHedwig’s current laboratory assistant. Ulrik had nearly finished his studies at the Academy, when his academic career was cut short with a bang. Herr vonHedwig heard about the bang, and found the cause of the explosion so creative and promising, that he took on its author as his apprentice. Though of a taciturn nature, Ulrik gets on well with the other inhabitants of the Schöneluft. In his more reflective moments, he wanders the envelope catwalks playing his violin. He and Philomena used to play duets together, before she left for the Academy, and remain great friends. Ulrik’s only unusual trait is that his hair is particularly sensitive to chemicals and energy waves, and frequently changes color due to his time in the laboratory.

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