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The Steampunk Family started as a series of bedtime stories, in which we were a family of Edwardian mad scientists live in an airship and have amazing adventures. Friends, both children and parents, begged to be in the story, and our family and crew of the Schöneluft grew. At some point we realized that a lot of other people were telling similar stories, and better yet, dressing up and acting them out. And so we discovered steampunk. We are makers, designing our clothing and props, sometimes modding from the thrift shop and sometimes drafting a pattern from scratch. Traveling about to share this passion, spreading the word, meeting and inspiring steampunks, makers, and thinkers, and be inspired by those we meet. Steampunk Family host events and help create community, preaching inclusion and tolerance as the true path to creativity and fun. Among the many skills we teach are corsetry, costuming and prop making. We try to bring a steampunk aesthetic and ethic into our every day lives, making beautiful, and when possible, functional things.  If a thing cannot be useful, let it at least be beautiful, and if it cannot be beautiful, do we really need it? We fight the tide of disposable, plastic-laden consumerism, making a stand for elegance and choosing art over plenty. Never too proud to curb skim and dumpster dive, to make the unused and unappreciated into the unique and useful.  Living the life of art, we want the work of our hearts, hands, minds, and tongues to be art. We document this madness on


P. Phineas von Hedwig is an artist, photographer, tailor, carpenter, and tinkerer with mad science leanings. As a boy he took things apart to see how they worked, and occasionally put them back together. Now he takes things apart to make them into something else, scavenging the elements of his creations from the curbsides and dumpsters of our disposable culture. He claims that once you learn construction you can build anything, from a house to a corset. He was steampunk before he knew there was a name for it, and since he and his wife started, he has a forum for sharing his DIY projects and philosophy with other like-minded souls who want to possess objects much more amazing than they can buy, and experience the joy of making it themselves.

Hera von Hedwig a writer, creator and social instigator. She was one of those kids who made inspired her friends to dress in costume just to go to the moving pictures. A compulsive costumer, she is fascinated by clothing as a social tool, exploring the impact that style has on communication and interaction. In her secret heart she believes that somewhere out there is a pair of shoes that will allow her to take over the world. She chronicles her family’s adventures, real and imagined, on, and no, she’s not going to tell you which is which.

Also running around causing trouble will be some of the Steampunk Family children, Philomena, Claire, Adolphus, Annabelle, Mirabelle, Gerhardt, and Bettina. Whatever they say to you, do not give them any marshmallows!


P. Phineas von Hedwig crafts custom bar kits, hat boxes, iPod sound boxes, and champagne cases, trading under the name Pith Helmet Provisions.

cocktail case

Mad Science Cocktail Case

This unique, custom elegances are available on commission, or occasionally at the stranger local art galleries.

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