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The von Hedwig kids share, for a change.

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In which Eglantine Aubergine faces the mob. (Voyage to Antafrica 115)

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Etched in copper and brass by the Fearless Fabricator, our photo of the week.

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Is it a riot? Or Mother and Father? (Voyage to Antafrica 114)

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We visit the SASI Titanic Memorial Picnic for our photo of the week.

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In which the children face an unknown challenge in the dark. (Voyage to Antafrica 113)

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Riding a carousel in the photo of the week.

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In which escaping from the palace means plunging into more danger. (Voyage to Antafrica 112)

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In this week’s photo, Claire tinkers again.

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In which the von Hedwig children flee the flaming palace. (Voyage to Antafrica 112)

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This week’s photo is not a photo at all!

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Target practice with P.Phineas, Adolphus, and Gerhardt is our photo of the week.

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