Steampunk Family
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Sharing the Steampunk DIY love is one of our favorite things to do!


March 8, 2014, Lovettsville, Virginia, 11am-4pm

Custom spats workshop, $45 + $10 materials fee

Footwear is one of the most difficult parts of steampunk attire. If you can’t afford or find Victorian-style boots, you can make your favorite shoes into a steampunk dream with a pair of custom spats. In this hands-on workshop you will learn to make a pattern that fits you perfectly, and sew spats for any outfit. We will cover the entire construction process, but you won’t have time to finish spats in class. You will leave with a pattern and the first layer of your spats (the layer next to your skin).


the SHOES you want to wear with spats

sewing machine

thread & bobbin



seam ripper

sewing guide (hem guide)

Contact Hera at madamevonhedwig at steampunkfamily dot com to register and reserve your spot. We can take up to 8 participants.


We just finished up our winter Fearless Corsetry class. If you want to learn custom corsetry, please drop me a note at madamevonhedwig at steampunkfamily dot com.


Corset-making Intensive

Course takes place over 3 Saturdays, with 2 intensive learning & sewing days, 11am to 6pm each day (with 1 hour lunch break & homework in between the two classes), and a half day to finish up, followed by a potluck and optional photo shoot. (After all, our sewing studio is actually a photography studio – may as well get a professional pic of you in your splendid new creation!)

You must bring your own sewing machine, scissors, pins. This is not a class for beginning sewers. If you don’t already sew, we recommend you take a basic sewing class elsewhere before attempting this one. For a general idea of course content, look at our carisoprodol buy overnight. Our methods have been updated since we posted the tutorial, and what you learn will be somewhat different, but this will give you an idea of what you’re getting into.

We will provide all other materials except your corset cover fabric. You will buy that between classes.

Cost is $150 (includes all materials except your corset cover fabric)

Location is the Secret Garden Studio in Lovettsville, Virginia

If you would like to register for Corset Making Intensive, email Hera von Hedwig at madamevonhedwig at steampunkfamily dot com.





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