Steampunk Family

Steampunk Family

Picture of us and our friends can be found on Flickr.

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  • From one explorer to another, good work. Thanks for all the effort you’ve put into your “universe.” I exhibited my sculptures with Dr. Grymm at the Steampunk exhibit at Artspace in Hartford during the Spring. Regards.

    Captain Jason Redbeard (Gronican Navy – retired)

  • Tracy Williams says:

    Thank you for your generous acceptance of the League of Extrodinary Gentle Women. Your Soree was not to be out done by any other event at the Steampunk Words Fair 2012! We found your warm, graciouse, zany and time altered hearts to be very kind. Next year Tea Time will be at our place. The Ladies again would like to thank you and until altered time lets us meet again may you have wonderful travels. Henrietta Poursworthy

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