Steampunk Family
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In which the much tried and exhausted von Hedwig children make camp in the unexplored wilderness. (Voyage to Antafrica 40)

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In which the children are attacked! (Voyage to Antafrica 37)

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In which the children at last ascend to the surface of the earth, only to find themselves in more danger! (Voyage to Antafrica 36)

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In which we discover what Claire found. (Voyage to Antafrica 35)

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Summer vacation down in a hole!

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In which we learn of Claire’s fate. (Voyage to Antafrica 34)

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In which Bettina’s excellent idea puts her siblings in grave danger. (Voyage to Antafrica 33)

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In which Annabelle loses her composure. (Voyage to Antafrica 32)

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The von Hedwig children are stuck in an underground cave and Claire has disappeared. (Voyage to Antafrica 31)

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I which, I am sorry to say, there is squabbling. (Voyage to Antafrica 30)

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The von Hedwig children are trapped miles below the surface of the earth, where they indulge in a bit of fishing, a bit of cartography, and a bit of trouble. (Voyage to Antafrica 29)

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In which the children run aground, and are out of cookies. (Voyage to Antafrica 28)

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Morehead Planetarium & Science Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina invites children and adults to explore the common ground of online carisoprodol

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