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The Custom Construction of Corsets – pt 2 – Pattern Making, Fabric under layer, and Tailoring

This entry is part of a series, Construction of Custom Corsets» Part 1  was the custom pre-pattern Part 3 adding-structure-to-the-back-layer-finishing-and-boning-in-a-corset/ This is part two of a living document on making custom corsets, as it will be edited, revised, have new information and links added as readers post comments.  So please post your comments, questions, and tips so that we can learn from your experience as well as mine. For this step you can you have some options for the pattern material.  For years, I used newspaper because it was free.  It has many drawbacks, beside the whole smearing ink issue.  Notes written on the pattern can be hard to read, it does not hold up well and just ages poorly in general. Pattern tracing paper is another option.  The stuff I have found in the fabric stores is wretched stuff, because it is flimsy, weak and hard to write on.  Now, I use the pattern tracing paper stocked by the people at  It’s not expensive and doesn’t have the drawbacks of the other pattern materials. For simplicity’s sake, no matter your choice, I’ll call it “pattern paper”. If you are making an heirloom, a garment for a paying client, …Read the Rest