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In which Bettina introduces fire to Antafrica. (Voyage to Antafrica 110)

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In which Adolphus thinks fast, facing a genius more evil than his own. (Voyage to Antafrica 105)

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In which Adolphus is not quite clever enough. (Voyage to Antafrica 104)

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In which Claire, Annabelle, and Bettina take the direct approach, Gerhardt and Mirabelle crash, and Adolphus sneaks. (Voyage to Antafrica 103)

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In which we learn of Claire’s fate. (Voyage to Antafrica 34)

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The von Hedwig children are stuck in an underground cave and Claire has disappeared. (Voyage to Antafrica 31)

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In which Adolphus argues, Mirabelle takes a risk, and Bettina enters the fray. (Voyage to Antafrica 18)

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In which the von Hedwig children try to construct their way out of trouble, and we find out what they have in their pockets. (Voyage to Antafrica 17)

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In which the children encounter their mother’s enemy. (Voyage to Antafrica 15)

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In which a perfectly lovely day is ruined by beastly luck. (Voyage to Antafrica 14)

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In which Herr von Hedwig is prepared for a romantic emergency. (Voyage to Antafrica 13)

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In which parents confer, and an old enemy is in the neighborhood. (Voyage to Antafrica 7)