Steampunk Family
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In which Adolphus von Hedwig is bored, annoyed, and then startled. (Voyage to Antafrica 3)

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In which the Family von Hedwig arrives in the Great Himalayas. (Voyage to Antafrica 2)

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In which we discover why the von Hedwigs live with grandmothers not their own. (Voyage to Antafrica 1)

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Philomena, spars with her late-night admirer. (Philomena Flies 7)

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Philomena tries to fix her flying apparatus, but is interrupted by a late-night visitor. (Philomena Flies 6)

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Imagining the middle of the night to be safe from her fan club, Philomena sneaks into the Fabrication Hall to fix her wings. (Philomena Flies 5)

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Mirabelle reports that her sister Annabelle disappeared into thin air last night. Moments later scratches appeared on their vanity mirror. purchase carisoprodol online

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Philomena’s abortive flight makes her a school hero, and causes a dangerous trend at school. (Philomena Flies 4)

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Philomena’s experiment goes hideously wrong. (Philomena Flies 3)

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Philomena goes back to the drawing board. (Philomena Flies 2)

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Philomena von Hedwig, away at school, makes time for extracurricular inventing. (Philomena Flies 1)

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Philomena plans her next invention – wings!

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